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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Tucker

Baby Tucker, seven weeks old,  belongs to our friends, Andy and Christine.   
(Just a fun note, their two-year-old, Gavin, was born fifteen minutes before my two-year-old, London.)
They live in Texas and we did this impromptu photo shoot while were there visiting my husband’s family a week ago.  We were at Andy’s aunt’s house swimming and Christine was lamenting not getting any newborn photos of Tucker.  I had my camera with me, so we grabbed whatever blankets we could find for a backdrop and found the best of the fading evening light.  I only snapped a few, but I am pleased with them.

07 07_6837 b&w
07 07_6859

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Surats

Baby Teegan was the best baby ever.  He slept the entire time. 
His skin was also the best newborn skin that I’ve ever seen.  He was hardly red at all and didn’t need much touching up.  

Isn’t he adorable?

06 29_6394

He was also Melody and Tyler’s first boy after having two girls.  (I know exactly what that’s like.  Dad now will live vicariously through his boy.)
Tyler is a baseball fan from Atlanta and said that they will be moving there in the next few weeks.
I’m sure this little slugger fit right in. 

06 29_6398
06 29_6459

(Side note about this dump truck that you see in the boy photos and dads living vicariously through their sons.  My third baby, and first boy, was born nine days before Christmas.  This truck is what Santa brought him.)

06 29_6534
06 29_655806 29_651806 29_6568 copy06 29_667906 29_669906 29_6737 copy06 29_6794
06 29_6778

Thank you, Surats!  You have a beautiful family!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monte Vista High School senior: Nick

Nick is going to be a senior at Monte Vista High School this year. It was a fun challenge for me to come up with places for the shoot. We ended up using the high school, a few places downtown and the train tracks. I am really pleased with how these came out! 

06 27_612506 27_6155 copy

I also love that Nick brought a suit to wear. He looked so snazzy!

06 27_622906 27_6250 copy06 27_6260 copy sepia

Thanks to Lauren for the editing on this one. 

06 27_627306 27_6293
06 27_6324