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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Funny Face

Do you read The Pioneer Woman?  I do.  I think she is amazing.  Every once in a while, she has photo assignments with a specific topic.  You upload your photo to the flickr group and she picks the winner from there.  You can add one a day. 
The topic this time is “Funny Face”.  This is the one that I added today. 
Jenna is such a funny girl!

06 02_4995 copy b&w

(Also, my other kids are equally as talented. Paige can make her stomach growl on demand.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Anderson

Remember Jonna's maternity shoot?  This precious baby boy is her update.  He was five days old when I took these pictures.  I have GOT to figure out the secret to getting a baby to sleep during a session.  Anyone have any tips?  I had a heater going, plus a heating pad underneath him as much as possible. 
I always forget how tiny newborn babies are until I look them square in the face and see how tiny their heads are, or see their tiny baby buns.

06 15_584206 15_588106 15_591306 15_5963 copy copy
06 15_6010
06 15_5992 copy

This is my favorite.  I love the processing, the look on his face and his tiny little hands.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paisley & Luke

These are some of the cutest kids ever.  Their mom is my good friend and I was excited to do their pictures last week. 
These were shot at the Veterans' Center in Monte Vista.

06 13_5564
06 13_5802 wm
06 13_5624
06 13_5695
06 13_5732

06 13_5810 wm
06 13_5828

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Becky is gorgeous. Plain and simple. Her dad is a co-worker of my husband and when he found out I am aspiring to be a photographer, he wanted some done of Becky. She will be a junior next school year. Her dad told me that they never bought the school pictures because they always planned on having someone else take them, but usually never did. (I am sooo guilty of that! My kids will be getting their own photo sessions when they get back from my in-law’s house next month.)

06 07_5443_edited-1 wm06 07_5481_edited-1 copy

My sister-in-law did the editing for the picture below on the left. I over-exposed it and just couldn’t get it to look quite right. Thanks, Lauren!

06 07_5381 copy_edited-1 wm06 07_5494_edited-1 wm
06 07_5537 copy06 07_5559 copy wm

If you know of any seniors needing pictures done, send them my way!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Bella

Baby Bella was seven days old when we did this shoot.  She is absolutely adorable and her mother is gorgeous!
The shoot took place at Tiffanie’s house in their master bedroom.  We had planned to do it at my house in the morning, but the smoke that we were getting from a wildland fire made the lighting difficult.  It was better by the afternoon.  Tiffanie said that Bella was a fantastic sleeper, everyday except that day, of course!  Isn’t that how it goes?  She really did do great and I think we got a lot of great shots. 
Here are some of my favorites.

06 03_5183_edited-1 WM
06 03_5188_edited-1 BW WM
06 03_5198_edited-1 WM
06 03_5214_edited-1
06 03_5231_edited-1 WM
06 03_5244_edited-1 WM