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Monday, May 16, 2011

My first maternity shoot: Jonna

This pregnant belly belongs to my friend, Jonna.  Let me tell you, Jonna is amazing.  She is due in a month and is still doing wheels in yoga class.  THAT is impressive.  This is also her second baby, gender still to be determined.  
We did the pictures out at her house on the farm and I loved the setting.  It totally represents her life.  We had waited and waited for a wind-free evening and when we thought we had one, we jumped at the chance.  Of course, by the time I hung up the phone with her and then got out to her house, the wind had started up again.  I also wasn’t quite sure what time of day was best.  It turns out that the later shots were the best.

05 15_4491_edited-1

05 15_4506_edited-2
05 15_4514_edited-2
05 15_4531_edited-2
05 15_4543_edited-1
05 15_4561_edit
05 15_4574_edited-2
05 15_4596_edited-2
05 15_4616_edited-1

I had to throw this shot in, just for fun.  I giggle every time I look at it. 
05 15_4605_edited-2

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  1. Kathy, like the silhouette. The best time of day for shooting outdoors is the first two hours after sunrise, or the last two hours before sunset. Good luck, and if you have any questions, be sure to stop on by :)