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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Johnson

I was lucky enough last week to get to do another newborn shoot.  This baby belongs to my friend, Jaelyn.  She was 20 days old, and while that’s still a newborn, it’s just a tad too old to be doing the sleeping baby poses.  She wouldn’t sleep and needed the pacifier for about half of the pictures.   I am thankful that Jaelyn put up with me messing with her baby.

I was still using the 50mm lens and natural lighting.  We did the shoot in Jaelyn’s office and I didn’t have much room to move around.  It was a new challenge and I think I got some good ones.

05 05_4261 b&w05 05_4263 copy_edited-105 05_4273 hat05 05_4299 copy_edited-1

This is a different basket than I used in my first shoot.  I found it at the Nazarene Thrift Store for $5.  It is the perfect size and is closer to the ground, which makes it easier for me to look down on it.  I love it!  This baby is a pretty good size already, about nine pounds, and she filled up the basket!

05 05_4307 copy_edited-105 05_4314_soft and faded_edited-1

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